Session I: Sunday, July 23 – Thursday, July 27
Session II: Friday, July 28 – Tuesday, August 1
Session III: Wednesday, August 2 – Sunday, August 6

Full Marching Bands - drill instruction, field show performance (HALF TIME SHOW MARCHING CAMP)

Sweet Briar College

(10 minutes North of Lynchburg, VA)

High School Marching Bands are invited to attend camp at Sweet Briar College to prepare their fall half-time and competitive shows. In addition to the company of musicians, color guard members, dance team, and Drum Majors will be given individual attention in order to provide a colorful and polished overall effect for the band’s entire performance.

The choice is yours! Directors may elect to have the assistance of a Drill Designer to write a custom show to their selected music and to teach the drill to the band. In addition to the drill designer, three other instructors will be provided for the band’s auxiliary groups. Another choice: directors may elect just to have individual instruction for their auxiliary groups. Still others may elect to “do it themselves” and utilize the available facilities only.

Besides working together on the field and in the rehearsal area, planned supervised recreational activities are scheduled. Directors find that a camaraderie and a team spirit is formed as a result of shared aims at camp.

For additional information:

Dwight Leonard - Camp Director

Barbara Dougherty - Camp Administrator

Phone: 804-264-9681